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Tough Mann Adventure Challenge

Tough Mann is a team-oriented 10k obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental courage. You may start the event an individual, but you will finish a team player. Many of the obstacles require participants to help each other. It’s hard to put the Tough Mann experience into words, it’s a feeling like no other and a day where life long memories are created.

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10K Distance

10K (and 20K) Distance

Because we can, just smile and keep on running! You will reach the end before you know it.

25 Obstacles

25 Obstacles

If you thought a 10K run around the country side was boring, don't worry! We have 25 obstacles to tackle.

1,000 Ft Ascent

1,000 Ft Ascent

Just because who doesn't like hills? There are plenty of people around for support!

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6 Ton of Ice

After you have just about completed, you jump into the onsite bath which is filled fresh with 6 tons of Ice.

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