Event Day Race Format

New for ToughMann 2017 we are extremely excited to include the addition of the 20km challenge. The 20km is made up of 2laps of the original 10km course. Making what is already a Tough event, a truly challenging one for those of you that need just that little bit more. The original 10km and the new 20km challenges are separate events, both ran side by side. You must choose which event you are entering at time of booking. On confirmation of booking via automated email you will receive a login link that allows you to adjust the details of the booking you have made. e.g. If for example you are unable to to attend you could enter the details of your chosen replacement. ( don't forget to tell your chosen replacement also !)

20km challenge

20km runners will be the first away from the start line at 1pm sharp, there will be no delays. The 20km runners will be distinguished by the blue race bib, this will assist marshals in spotting them early. Allowing marshals to assist in keeping them motivated and moving, as they embark on their 2nd lap. 20km runners are looking at a finishing time of 3hrs to 3hrs 30mins Please note !  The cut off time for the first lap is 1hr45, after this time you won't be allowed to start your 2nd lap. It is important that you look for the course markers around the course, please stick to the edge of the fields unless directed otherwise. As always good sportsmanship is always encouraged, please be aware and considerate of less able competitors.

10km challenge

Immediately following the 20km runners the 10km competitors will be hot on their heels. The start line will be heavily marshalled to assist in a smooth transition from the warm up area, then on to the course.

Please help us to help you, we want you to have a great event. Please don't squash your fellow ToughMann challengers while you are waiting to start, however eager you may be.

When on the course keep an eye out for that ever needed helping hand, don't hesitate to offer one either.
10km competitors are also looking for a finish time of no more than 3hrs 30mins.
10km Competitors need to have started the jungle section within 2hrs30mins ( section G on the map)
Keep an eye out also for the 20km runners, these guys and girls are like competitive machines  and will be on their second lap.  Maybe  it's a good excuse to grab a quick breather, while you let them pass ! You're all in the challenge together, lets make some fantastic memories.