Are there prizes?

Yes, there will be trophies for fastest man, woman and team, in both the 10km challenge and the 20km challenge. The fastest team is based on the total time of all three team members, remember you must stay together!

How many people do I need to make a team?

Teams are made up of three people and your team is required to stay within a minute of each as they cross the finish line – a time penalty of 15 minutes will be added if this is not adhere to.

Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunatelypets  are prohibited from entry to the farm you will be asked to leave. This is a working farm it is their livelihood. So please don't bring yours pets.

Will there be catering?

Yes, top quality food will be available on site along with a bar. There are however, no cash machines on site or nearby so please bring enough money with you!

What if I cannot complete an obstacle?

Hopefully there will be a fellow Tough Mann near you to help, but if you really can't complete an obstacle then one of our marshals will allow you to find an alternative route.

Can I run for charity?

Yes, we would support anyone who participates and raises money for charity. Our main charity partner for 2016 is Tabitha’s Trust. You can download a sponsor form here. We totally understand that you may want to raise money for another charity and happily support you.

When is the closing date for entries?

The closing date is midnight on Sunday July 9th 2017. There are several deadlines up to this date where the price increaes, so be sure to enter early if you want the best deal!

Will the results be posted online?

Yes, the results from the event are posted online via links on our website on the day of the event. You can view these once you have completed the event.

What does my entry fee include?

Your fee includes entry into the Tough Mann Adventure Challenge, a victory drink, T-Shirt, electronic timing and a post event party with music!

What should I wear for the event?

You will be muddy and wet, so leave your new kit at home and throw on your old stuff! Trail running shoes are ideal, but if you don’t mind sliding around a little, an old pair of trainers will also suffice. A change of clothes for the journey home, some warm kit and a plastic bag for your dirty kit is essential!

How fit do I need to be to complete this course?

The course has been designed so that people of a standard fitness level can complete it. Anyone with reasonable level of fitness should be able to complete the course enjoyably, we have had to introduce cut off times around the course for your safety these again should accommodate anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. In essence the earlier you get movin the more enjoyable your ToughMann experience will be, and the bigger your smile as you cross the finish line. and there are plenty of instructors around the course to help you through. However, if you are concerned that you may not be able to run the whole distance don’t worry, you will only have a to run for a few minutes at a time while traveling between the obstacles, you don’t even have to run there is no shame in walking. We want you to have fun meet new friends and most of all have a huge smile on your face as you cross the finish line.